We provide continuous reconstruction of fluxes at all energies, radial distances and pitch angles. Such reconstruction is most important for the application as it allows to trace satellites through the model results and calculate fluencies along the satellite orbits. General reconstruction of fluxes is also important for the research as it allows to utilize various data sources to provide a global and comprehensive picture of the evolution of fluxes and can reveal important details about the competition of acceleration and loss in the radiation belts.

 Results of data assimilation using NOAA POES data.  (First panel) Reconstructed differential directional electron flux as a function of L* and time for 1 MeV and 65° equatorial pitch angle. (Second panel) NOAA POES observations extrapolated to high pitch angles and inter-calibrated with Van Allen Probes. (Third panel) The definitive Kp index from GFZ-Potsdam obtained through NOAA SWPC web site. (Bottom panel) Last closed drift shell (LCDS) parameterized by Kp.